I would love to take a minute and say how much making pizza is a passion of mine I’ve been doing this since I was 18 years old. My first glimpse of a pizzeria was as a delivery driver, washing dishes, sweeping floors and running food out to customers. That’s where it all started for me but I loved the environment I loved the sight of a pizza man tossing dough with his bare hands while creating art and a meal all at once. I fell in Love with this business instantly, the first pizza I ever made from start to finish took me upwards of 7 minutes to make on the paddle. I’m now 26 years old this is the second pizzeria I’ve owned and it’s doing even better than the first to this Day. I choose to come in work 12,13,14,15 hours a day sometimes not because I need to but because I’m actually doing something I love and believe in and when your job is your passion it’s not a job at all, it’s the bright spot in your Life. I’m grateful every day for this business and my wonderful staff. Strive to better yourself with whatever it is that your doing, challenge yourself at your own game, I challenge myself every week with something different. Come in today and experience our food made with passion and care.


Gary Lincoln
Owner and Head Chef

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